How to distribute VPN: ways and benefits

How to distribute VPN: ways and benefits

Distribution of VPN is a pressing issue for ensuring a reliable and stable Internet connection on various portable devices located in the same territory. This process can be implemented in a variety of ways, dictated by the type of tools at hand and the distribution of the Internet, as well as the operating system of the connected devices. Let's look at several methods for distributing VPN via Wi-Fi on devices running Android, iOS, as well as using a PC and a router.

VPN distribution: effective methods for different devices

VPN is distributed for a variety of purposes, the main and most relevant for the Russian user being: providing the ability to access desired, but blocked for direct access, network resources, as well as maintaining privacy while bypassing censorship and blocking.

Let's look at how you can distribute a VPN to three to five or more devices, and through what tools this can be done:

  • Through a router. Connect your router to your Internet service provider and create a VPN connection. Create a new Wi-Fi network on your router. Connect devices to the created network to automatically use a VPN connection. Some VPN services popularize their services by explaining to users in detail how exactly they can distribute their VPN to all home gadgets.
  • Through a personal computer. Install the virtual private network client via VPN configuration file and configure connection on a computer. Create a new wireless Internet distribution point on your PC. Connect the desired gadgets to the newly created point to automatically use the VPN connection. Before making such connections, it would be a good idea to review the device’s operating instructions in detail to make sure that it is, in principle, capable of implementing VPN technology.
  • On Android devices. Download the NetShare application from a trusted source. Organize a VPN connection and activate the application to create a new wireless connection point. Connect the desired gadgets to the created point. When thinking about how to distribute VPN from your phone, check that such a function does not violate the laws of the country and the user agreement of the VPN service you are using.
  • On iOS gadgets. Download and set up ZoogVPN for iOS. Go to your phone settings, VPN section. Activate shared access to the distribution point, copy the network data. Connect the necessary devices to the newly created connection point for secure use of VPN. The one-to-one method may not work for all Apple devices, but the fundamental algorithm remains similar.

The ability to distribute VPN via Wi-Fi exists, but it is not suitable for all devices and VPN services. It is recommended to install VPN directly on gadgets or router to improve connection stability and reliability. ZoogVPN, as well as several other providers, provide apps and guides for setting up a VPN on a variety of devices, making them an excellent choice for your online security needs.

Why users are interested in how to distribute VPN

In addition to organizing security, maintaining privacy, bypassing bans and censorship, the need to distribute VPN may also be dictated by:

  • The need to work from a remote office. When people work remotely or travel, VPN distribution can provide them with a secure and encrypted connection to the corporate network, providing access to company resources and data.
  • Geolocation manipulations. Some people may distribute VPNs to change their virtual geolocation. This can be useful, for example, to access content that is only available in certain countries.
  • Protection against tracking of Internet activity. Distributing a VPN can help protect against tracking by Internet providers, advertisers and other third-party services that can collect and unauthorized use of data about user behavior on the network.
  • Savings. Here the mathematics is simple: you can download VPN, install it and pay for a subscription for each device separately or buy the most stuffed unlimited VPN service and distribute it to all devices. The second option, most often, turns out to be more profitable.

Private VPN server is better than distributing public VPN

Private VPN servers can also be used among families or small groups, providing them with shared access to a secure Internet connection. This is especially true if group members have different devices and everyone needs a secure connection.

You can buy your private server VPN on Private VPN server. Here you will also find all the necessary information about the benefits of using personal remote servers, rental options, payment methods, answers to frequently asked questions and a lot of other useful and exciting information regarding private VPN servers and virtual networks in general.

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