Minecraft via VPN: full access

Minecraft via VPN: full access

Minecraft — a mega-popular game that attracts players from all over the world with its unique approach to gameplay and many features. This product is of interest to adults and children, primarily due to interesting enticing visualization, the ability to be creative, find a variety of solutions to various problems, explore the world, survive, implement technical ideas, work alone or in a team, etc.

VPN for Minecraft – a tool that allows you to organize a local network for a team game, for better interaction between players within the team. One of the most popular among players and well-established for Minecraft is the application Radmin VPN.

Minecraft online: how to play via VPN

To set up Minecraft over the network through Radmin VPN or any other VPN application, you can use the following fundamental algorithm:

  • VPN selection and configuration. Choose a reliable VPN provider. Download and install their software adapted to your device's OS. Then follow the instructions to set up a specific VPN. It usually involves selecting a server from a list of available countries and connecting to it.
  • Starting Minecraft. After setting up the VPN, launch the Minecraft client on your device. It is important to remember that all Minecraft network activity will go through the routing server.
  • Connecting to a Minecraft server. Select the server you want to connect to from the multiplayer menu. Enter the server's IP address if it is not automatically displayed.
  • Connecting Minecraft via VPN. Before connecting to a Minecraft server via a VPN, make sure that the VPN connection is active. You may need to make sure that you are connected to a server in the correct country.
  • Playing on the server. As soon as the VPN connection with the desired geo location  has been confirmed and you have successfully connected to the server Minecraft, you can start playing on the server as usual.

Minecraft via Radmin VPN: a guide to using the local network

How to play using Radmin VPN  in Minecraft with a friend online? The program is an easy to use and install platform that even children can use. Radmin VPN has a simple and intuitive interface that is suitable for users of all experience levels. Starting a multi-user session becomes possible with just a few mouse clicks.

How to set up an internal network for Minecraft through Radmin VPN? First of all, open the Radmin application. In the list of tools, select the "Create a new network" option. Next, name the network yourself and come up with a password to enter, pass this data on to your friends.

To create an internal network in a Minecraft game session, find the game file that has the extension "*.exe". It is recommended to add it to your firewall exceptions. This is done in its settings. Inside the Minecraft game, activate the single player mode and the "Escape" key call up the menu. Allow access to the world on the local network. Specify all necessary settings and parameters for your session. Form a new internal network. Copy the IP address that appears on the screen and share it with friends or other members. Also, they will need a five-digit port number to enter, which can be found in the chat window.

If your goal is to join other players, that is, to connect to an already created internal network, you should also add the game's exe file to your antivirus' exclusion list. After that, go to Minecraft and select the multiplayer mode. Then select a server to connect to. You will need to define an IPv4 address. Please note that this address consists of numbers only. It is important to be careful: if the address contains letters, it is most likely IPv6. In this case, you will make a mistake and the game will not start. Enter a valid host IPv4 address and complete it with a five-digit port number given to you by the game creator or other players.

Private VPN server and online game in Minecraft: top level

Now you are ready to play Minecraft with your friends via VPN. And if you combine playing Minecraft through VPN with the use of a private VPN server, the user gets additional anonymity and security on the network.

For the benefits of using a private VPN server instead of a public one, as well as rental options, payment methods, answers to FAQ can be found on Private VPN server. You can rent/buy a private VPN server there. Play through a local VPN network and enjoy the features of Minecraft to the fullest.

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