Proton VPN: extensive scope and functionality

Proton VPN: extensive scope and functionality

The Proton VPN software package for operating systems of smartphones and computers is an unsurpassed way to ensure a high level of security and privacy when working on the Internet. One of its key features is the ability to freely change and adapt the program code to suit your needs, which makes the application a popular and proven data protection tool.

To start using the service, you must first download Proton VPN to your computer/phone and install the application.

What makes VPN Proton attractive

One of the main advantages of Proton VPN is the use of specialized servers that provide an additional layer of security by routing traffic through countries that respect and protect the user's privacy at all levels. Even when using Russian IP servers, you can route your connection through these servers, providing thereby giving yourself the highest level of privacy.

Equally important, Proton VPN – is an application, various versions of which are adapted for Windows, Android, iPhone and other operating systems. Each of these programs is designed to provide maximum protection and privacy for users on the Internet.

Proton VPN: more details

Proton VPN combines the best features of VPN applications, which the user considers when choosing a VPN service:

  • The Proton VPN application does not record user activity due to the location of its technical resources in countries with a high level of legal protection of privacy. This allows you to provide a high level of protection and privacy for all users.
  • Additional security features include Kill Switch, which automatically blocks communication with the network if the Proton VPN application is temporarily disabled. Thus, your data will always be protected, even if the connection is interrupted.
  • To minimize the chance of DNS leaks and other privacy threats, the application uses strong encryption protocols and prevents IPv6 leaks.
  • If you are looking to access blocked content or streaming sites, Proton VPN will help you unblock popular services.
  • If you use torrents, P2P support is available on certain servers that are optimized for this purpose.
  • Proton VPN app is fast and easy to use. You can control the traffic passing through the VPN tunnel and select servers based on their location, speed, and other features.
  • Proton VPN users are given the opportunity to choose popular encryption protocols, one of them is WireGuard, or use the function that automatically selects the best option based on your needs.
  • Proton VPN has a modern technology that increases the connection speed by 400% or more, making the use of VPN technologies more efficient and comfortable.
  • The developer also offers to download Proton VPN for free and use the basic functions and fairly extensive functionality. The free version of the application is adapted for all operating systems and devices.

Working combination: VPN Proton and private VPN server

After downloading and installing Proton VPN free or paid version, the user, at the stage of choosing a remote server, seems to be at a crossroads. He needs to choose a server for routing and processing traffic, based on security requirements and the tasks set for which the virtual private network is actually created.

One of the working and reliable options in this case is the decision to buy a private VPN server. You can make such a purchase on the Private VPN server. The same site provides all the necessary information about the characteristics, options and conditions for renting private VPN servers, how they payment and much more useful information about modern VPN products.

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