Setting up Openconnect on Windows

Setting up Openconnect on Windows


OpenConnect-GUI - graphical client. Written in Qt, runs on Windows, Linux and macOS. You can download from the rap of your distribution, or from the developers' gitlab: https://gitlab .com/openconnect/openconnect-gui/-/releases. More recent versions can be downloaded here: com/drive/folders/1KdzHlYODE-QSYL-JSQoM5vubEw55hhRi, where more recent snapshots are posted.

Cisco Secure Client

VPN client for Windows/MacOS that supports TLS 1.3 — this Cisco Secure Client version 5. We only need the module Core & AnyConnect VPN. After installing Cisco Secure Client version 5 and launching the AnyConnect VPN client, enter the domain, and then the login and password of the VPN client. 

The desktop version cannot be downloaded on the Cisco website for unregistered customers, but it can be found on the Internet:

  1. https

  2. windows


The client is from Clavister - they make some of their corporate solutions using a protocol similar to AnyConnect/OpenConnect. Since version 1.2.1 OCServ can accept connections from OneConnect.

Developer website:
Download from MS Store: https ://

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