Setting up Shadowsocks on Windows

Setting up Shadowsocks on Windows

  1. Download from here and extract shadowsocks.

  2. Download here v2ray plugin appropriate for your platform . Extract the file from the archive and rename it to  v2ray.exe (or just  v2ray if your explorer doesn't display file extensions). Put it in the same directory as shadowsocks.

  3. Launch shadowsocks.

  4. Copy the config URL of your personal shadowsocks server. It looks like this.


  5. Right click on the shadowsocks icon in the system tray and select Servers - Import URL from Clipboard.

  6. Enable the proxy by selecting System Proxy - Global from the same context menu.

  7. Done!

    Note: if browser extensions are installed that control proxy server selection (VPN extensions, Switchy Omega), enabling ShadowSocks via System Proxy - Global will have no effect on the browser . You need to either turn them off or reconfigure them to the system proxy, if possible.

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