The best VPN for the browser: the formula for choosing the right one

The best VPN for the browser: the formula for choosing the right one

Looking for the perfect free VPN solution for your browser in 2024? Don't want to waste time installing full-fledged applications, preferring browser extensions? Good news for you! Now we’ll tell you what the best free VPN extensions are for various user tasks and purposes.

Best VPN for browser: top effective solutions

The best free options for browsers, according to VPN reviews and the opinions of experts in this field are:

  • Planet VPN. Its popularity is evidenced by more than half a million downloads and 4 thousand positive reviews. The service offers five countries on a free plan with unlimited bandwidth. Auxiliary benefits: suppression of advertising, inoperability of trackers, ban on cookies. There is a Russian-language interface and decent connection speed.
  • Browsec. More than four million downloads and a quarter of a million reviews speak for it. Offers you a stress-free service - a simple interface, connection with a single click. Four locations are offered under the terms of the free plan; the user sees them with a server busy indicator. An upgrade option to a premium tariff is available, where you can save a lot, I pay for the service in advance.
  • 1clickVPN. The quality of the service is evidenced by more than four million installations and 30 thousand reviews. But the choice of geographic access points is small without additional investments – the only Lithuania. The price of the paid option is acceptable, equal to the cost of ten cups of delicious coffee per year, but there are difficulties with paying with Russian cards.
  • Hola VPN. More than a quarter of a million reviews speak volumes about the customer focus of the service. You can use multiple servers with global geographic coverage, but only on one web tab. This cannot be called an obvious disadvantage, but rather a feature or selectivity, which is very suitable for some purposes.
  • CyberGhost. Not the most widely known, but still an integral extension to our list of worthy options. Despite the relatively low number of installations (more than 800,000), CyberHost attracts the attention of over 600 user reviews. This service may be the hidden hero among VPN extensions; the final decision is up to the user after testing it in specific conditions.
  • Urban VPN. Simple, free and completely English-language extension. Convenient choice of location. Urban VPN provides users with the choice of a specific country or the ability to automatically select the optimally busy server. Ad blocking and mining protection functionality is provided, which give this extension additional appeal.
  • VeePN. Shareware, supporting a language understandable for Russian users, with many positive reviews. At a basic level, VeePN offers access to six good locations, including the Russian Federation. Users can configure a list of sites for a secure connection or exclude certain addresses, even with an active VPN. This is useful for privacy management. The free version of VeePN has its limitations in geo, bandwidth and other parameters.
  • Hub VPN. Available exclusively as a web browser extension, offering a limited number of current locations and a minimalistic interface. Seen sharing Planet VPN software on other platforms. This is not good or bad, it just shows their partnership.

It is worth adding that the performance status of VPN services in the Russian Federation may change. Before using, please ensure that the extensions presented here are current at the time of your reading. Choose your ideal free VPN and enjoy safe and anonymous surfing the web!

Reminder of the famous: the basics of working with VPN in the browser

Diving into the world of best VPNs for browsers, let's remember how to install and remove extensions.

To begin with, we find the necessary extensions in the extension store of a specific browser. You can also install a VPN on your browser for free using another trusted source – provider of installation files for the selected service. We install extensions automatically, like mobile applications, by clicking on the appropriate button or following clear prompts. To remove or disable extensions, go to the web browser or click on the icon of the installed extension in the upper right corner of the browser, from the drop-down list or through the right button, go to the menu and activate remove/uninstall.

Private VPN server: total improvement of performance

The above-mentioned private VPNs for browsers are good options for everyday protection of online activity. However, if you want to take your security to the next level and have more granular influence on your own infrastructure settings, consider a private VPN server.

To buy a private VPN server and fully master all aspects associated with its purchase, including the provisions of offers, payment options, terms and tariffs, pay attention to Private VPN server. Here you will find all the information you need to make an informed decision about using a VPN. Use the information provided to make smart choices about online safety and security.

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