VPN Proxy: modern, secure, functional

VPN Proxy: modern, secure, functional

VPN proxy server is a modern free and secure web service that provides a high degree of user privacy on the network. It creates free access to various types of web resources, including video hosting, search engines, social platforms and emails. Thanks to VPN Proxy, you can enjoy browsing your favorite Internet resources that are not available for direct access from the territory of the Russian Federation. This uses a secure encrypted connection, which makes it impossible to track and block traffic from your device.

How VPN Proxy works: functions and features

Free VPN Proxy acts as a virtual channel for your traffic, connecting the device to the final resource through a web server. It does not require installation on a computer or phone and works online. This traffic routing allows you to hide your real IP address from the target server. At the same time, the ISP's tracking software only sees the connection to a free proxy server, and not to the website itself. All traffic to the free proxy server is encrypted for increased security and cannot be detected or viewed by tracking algorithms. Thus, an online proxy ensures the anonymity and protection of your real IP-address.

VPN Proxy: what this free online service offers

VPN Proxy has enough advantages over other proxy and VPN services that make it quite popular and in demand among users:

  • Unique traffic routing technology provides access to most modern web resources.
  • Ideal for proxying YouTube and other videos and gaming sites as it is characterized high traffic processing speed.
  • Traffic through the web proxy is transmitted as normal HTTPS traffic, which cannot be detected by software that monitors and blocks the operation of VPN services from the territory of the Russian Federation.
  • It is possible to open only selected pages through VPN proxy without routing all other traffic.
  • Easy setup, works like a proxy browser and provides instant access to websites with one click.
  • Support for many popular, but not directly accessible to Russian users, websites, gaming platforms, and social networks.
  • The ability to use the basic version of the online proxy is absolutely free.

The creation of VPN Proxy was preceded by a study of the work and characteristics of proxy services, as well as a study of user needs and the degree of their satisfaction with existing resources. That is why VPN Proxy is one of the best free web proxies on the net, which is available to you and has almost no restrictions in use.

VPN Proxy and private VPN server: total protection

An online proxy and a private VPN server can work in tandem, and in some situations this combination can be very useful. Virtual Private Network and Proxy Servers – Both services provide tools to keep you safe and anonymous online, but they have differences in functionality and how they work.

The advantages of combining an online proxy and a private VPN server are:

  • Additional level of anonymity. When you use a private VPN server along with an online proxy, it can increase your level of anonymity on the Internet. The VPN creates an encrypted tunnel between your device and the server, and if you add an online proxy, it will make it even more difficult for you to locate and identify yourself.
  • Extended accessibility. Some web resources may block known IP-addresses of proxy or VPN servers. By using a combination of proxy and personal server, you can bypass these restrictions.
  • Load sharing. If you have multiple tasks that require anonymous access, you can use an online proxy for one task and a private VPN for another. This can help spread the load and improve virtual private network performance.

However, keep in mind that using both technologies can affect connection speed, as each additional layer of encryption and routing can add latency.

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