Why VPN doesn't work: main reasons and solutions

Why VPN doesn't work: main reasons and solutions

Accessing the web through VPN has become a regular part of the lives of many users. VPN is especially relevant for those who are physically located in Russia and need to visit Internet services with limited or blocked access from the Russian Federation.

And like any digital product that interacts with a certain number of devices, programs, settings and Internet resources, VPN operation depends on the stability and quality of work of all these links of a single chain. It is quite logical that if one link falls out of the – the whole chain breaks.

In this article, we will consider why VPN does not turn on, open or load and what to do about it in order to return it to working capacity.

Most common problems with VPN

The following is a list of the most common reasons why VPN does not work well, does not turn on, or is not available at all:

  • The device (phone or PC) is not connected to the Internet: perhaps the always working and tested VPN does not work today and does not access the desired site because there is no Internet connection: the Internet cable has fallen out of the connector or the Wi-Fi is disconnected fi router. As an option – there may still be problems with the network more globally at the ISP level.
  • Incorrectly entered credentials in the VPN service account may be the reason why the VPN does not start. The wrong keyboard layout language, a typo in the login or password when manually entered will definitely become the reason why the VPN is not connected.
  • VPN blocking by ISP, firewall, antivirus software or other algorithms and tools designed to detect, track and stop VPNs in countries and regions where it is prohibited by law. In this case, it is not always easy to identify the reason why the VPN failed. And the easiest solution: change VPN to working in your region.
  • Incorrect or outdated VPN server settings: if the selection, connection and definition of the characteristics of the remote server is done manually, it is quite possible that the VPN settings have failed. In any case, you should check each stage of the connection in detail, starting from the type of protocol and up to the state of the ports.
  • Incorrect VPN version or configuration: if VPN does not work on your PC or phone, check if the version you downloaded is compatible with the version of the operating system and if the device characteristics are sufficient to install it.

What to do if VPN doesn't work

After downloading and installing VPN it may happen that there was no access to blocked sites, and no. This means that the VPN does not connect or does not work correctly. What to do if the VPN does not connect? Below is a step-by-step instruction (from simple to complex) in case the VPN stopped working:

  • First, check your internet connection and network.
  • Reboot the device where the VPN won't load.
  • Update your VPN version. If VPN worked some time ago, but today Instagram or another resource you need does not work through VPN, the VPN version installed on the device may be outdated.
  • Download and install another VPN service. If no VPN helps and does not work, try other ways to bypass blocking and restrictions - web VPN, mobile proxies, etc.
  • Check the VPN server connection settings, as well as the correct spelling of the login and password when logging into the VPN provider account.

Personal VPN server: reliable and secure

To stop everyone wondering why VPN stopped working, you should prefer the best one over the free and public one.

When choosing a remote server to connect to VPN software, don't settle for a free server. Most of the technical problems in the operation of virtual networks can be avoided by choosing a private VPN server - reliable, stable and maximally protected from unauthorized access.

On Private VPN server you can buy the best private VPN server for your specific needs and forget about problems when VPN does not load or is unstable . On the same site, there is a lot of interesting information about VPN and private remote servers, as well as the conditions for their purchase, payment, geography of server locations etc.

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