All about the “Castle and Moat” digital security model

All about the Castle and Moat digital security model

Model of "castle and moat" is one of the classic network security concepts that has long served organizations to protect their digital assets. But as technology develops and threats change, the question arises: is it still relevant today?

“Castle and moat”: taking a closer look at vulnerabilities

Initially the “castle and moat” model was an effective way to protect networks by assuming that the main threats were coming from outside. In this model, all efforts are aimed at protecting the network perimeter primarily from external attacks. However, with the advent of cloud technologies and distributed networks, the vulnerabilities of this model have become more obvious.

One of the main problems with the “castle and moat” model is is the possibility of internal attacks and data leaks. If the network perimeter is violated, the attacker gains free access to internal resources and data, since everything inside is considered trusted. This has serious implications for data security and privacy.

Disadvantages of the concept that require modern solutions

Access control in the castle and moat model carried out through the use of VPN. A virtual private network creates a secure connection between remote users and VPN server. To gain access to certain resources, users must connect to one of the VPNs. Each VPN provides different access privileges, allowing different users to gain different levels of access to the resources they need.

However, this approach has its drawbacks:

  1. Vulnerability to attacks. The VPN becomes a single point of failure, and a compromised account or device can allow an attacker to penetrate the network.
  2. Decreased performance. Encrypting all VPN traffic can cause network delays, especially depending on the type of encryption used. For remote workers, all data must go through a remote VPN server, which can also slow down the network.
  3. Scalability problems. If the capacity of the VPN server in processing traffic is exceeded, it is necessary to update it, which requires a significant investment of time and resources.
  4. Management and maintenance. Installation and customer support VPN on computers employees, and Also, regularly updating or replacing VPN equipment requires significant effort and resources on the part of the IT team.

The transition to a Zero Trust architecture, which assumes zero trust in any part of the network and requires strong authentication and authorization for each user and device, is the logical next generation of security concepts. It assumes that threats can be both inside and outside the network, and provides protection at all levels.

Model of "castle and moat" has its advantages, but its disadvantages are becoming increasingly noticeable in today's digital world. Transition to Zero Trust architecture and more innovative approaches, such as secure resource access service SASE, represents the logical evolution of network security. These models not only provide stronger security, but also allow more flexibility in managing access to data and applications in distributed environments.

Private VPN server: complies with modern security concepts

Private VPN server is a server that provides the ability to create a secure and encrypted connection between the user’s devices and the final resource on the Internet. This server is usually located on a remote hosting or the user's home computer and uses encryption protocols to ensure the confidentiality of transmitted data.

The use of a private VPN server complies with modern security concepts, ensuring data protection, confidentiality and privacy of the user, as well as protection against cyber threats and bypassing censorship on the Internet.

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