Anonymous VPN: degree of privacy when using VPN

Anonymous VPN: degree of privacy when using VPN

Using a virtual private network can provide a certain degree of anonymity on the Internet, but it is important to understand that a VPN does not make you completely anonymous. To what extent is protection provided in each specific case? It is difficult to answer for sure, but we can indirectly assume by analyzing certain factors.

Important nuances of determining VPN anonymity

To understand the degree of security in terms of privacy, you need to understand a little what mechanisms for organizing anonymity are implemented in the VPN service:

  • Traffic encryption. A VPN encrypts your Internet traffic, which means your data remains private and protected from eavesdropping on the way to the VPN servers.
  • Hide the network address. A VPN replaces your real IP address with the network ID of the VPN server, making it harder to track your location.
  • Blocking tracking. A VPN can help you bypass some forms of tracking, such as tracking by your ISP or websites.

However, it is worth remembering the following factors, the incorrect handling of which can weaken the degree of privacy of the service:

  • Logs. Some VPN providers may keep logs of your activity. Therefore, it is important to choose a provider that has a strict zero-logs policy.
  • Data outside the VPN. If you use services that require your personal information (for example, during registration), the service will not be able to hide this data.
  • Browser add-ons. Browser add-ons and other applications can bypass VPNs and reveal your personal information.
  • Tracking technologies. VPN does not protect against tracking technologies such as cookies, device fingerprinting, etc.
  • Legislation. Some countries have data retention laws that may require VPN providers to provide user information.

Therefore, although a VPN can provide an additional level of privacy and security on the Internet, it should not be considered as an absolute means of anonymity. It is important to use VPN services in combination with other privacy methods and monitor the security policy of the selected VPN provider.

Seven popular VPNs with an emphasis on privacy

In fact, it is quite possible to get high-quality services for a list of 20 VPNs. But it is more rational to bring to your attention the top 7 best VPNs operating in the Russian Federation and providing a sufficient level of privacy, suitable for the needs of most users of VPN technology:

  1. VPN Super is a mobile application with a simple interface and no traffic restrictions for Android and iOS, offering quick access to hundreds of servers in more than 10 countries, but with advertising and an active subscription offer in the free version.
  2. Turbo VPN - designed for computers and smartphones, offers a free version without traffic restrictions, 16 servers in different countries, divided by purpose of use (file sharing, games, streaming, social networks), works without the need to register an account, and in the mobile application, when you turn on the VPN, advertising appears with an offer to purchase a subscription, although limited use remains free.
  3. Lantern VPN is a simple VPN service, compatible with iOS, Android, Windows, macOS and Linux, providing ease of use without registration, advertising and traffic restrictions, but does not guarantee complete anonymity; To increase speed, a Pro version is available with additional locations and automatic selection of less busy servers.
  4. Potato VPN provides free connection to servers in various countries without the need for registration, with a variety of access protocols, including FTP, and without storing IP addresses; however, in the free version, in addition to advertising, there are restrictions on speed and the choice of seven servers among 50 available, subject to use with advertising.
  5. Vpnify is a simple free application with an interface for mobile devices and macOS, providing unlimited work time and traffic, with the ability to connect with one click of a button without registration; the application automatically selects the least loaded server from 25 options, but also allows the user to select manually, while providing load indicators for each point.
  6. iTop VPN - a service designed for computers and smartphones, offers a free version without traffic restrictions, 16 servers in different countries, divided by purpose of use (file sharing, games, streaming, social networks), works without the need to register an account.
  7. Planet VPN - has no traffic restrictions, but limits the availability of torrents, the number of servers and devices for simultaneous connection; The interface contains advertising banners, and when a connection is established, a 15-second commercial is displayed on the entire screen.

Private VPN server: higher level of privacy

Using a private VPN server always provides additional levels of privacy compared to a free or even commercial VPN service.

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