Planet VPN – Top level VPN

Planet VPN - Top Level VPN

The decision to download an effective tool to create VPN - Planet VPN - gives the user access to blocked or geographically limited resources. Extensive functionality and a high level of security raises the VPN Planet product to the top among its own kind.

Planet VPN: varieties and advantages

Planet VPN can be installed on absolutely all devices: phone, PC, laptop or tablet. Its various modifications are adapted for PC operating systems Windows, Mac, Linux, as well as Android and iOS smartphones. The range of options presented on the official website also includes Planet VPN extension for browsers Opera, Chrome, Yandex, Edge, Firefox.

VPN planet software product can be downloaded for free, opening access to resources that are inaccessible for various reasons and censored. In this case, the user receives a fairly complete and necessary list of functions:

  • High speed and large amount of traffic processed;
  • Technical support;
  • Servers in 5 countries without limits;
  • Free access: Planet VPN can be downloaded for free and in Russian, which is very convenient for users from the Russian Federation;
  • VPN software applications for PCs and phones –  VPN for Android and iPhone.

If the free VPN Planet does not suit you enough in terms of functionality, for the most free and safe access to the network, you can download the paid premium Planet VPN. Having received this set of VPN tools, the user becomes available:

  • Maximum processing speed;
  • Routing data through two or more proxy servers and encryption stages, using modern and efficient data processing algorithms;
  • The ability to connect two or more (up to 10) devices at the same time;
  • Ability to choose from thousands+ of servers located in sixty countries of the world;
  • Server support for low ping online games;
  • Customer orientation: prompt qualified technical support, the ability to connect third-party VPNs, etc.

Free VPN Planet for PC or Phone

No matter how tempting the offer to download Planet VPN to a PC or other device without payments and registrations is, you should weigh versatile factors and take into account non-obvious risks. For normal Internet surfing or for accessing a social network blocked in your region, this option is quite acceptable. But for Internet activities related to professional activities, business and work with personal and confidential data, this option is not very suitable.

To organize the highest level of security and privacy and to minimize the possibility of data leakage, you can download Planet VPN VPN and connect your personal VPN server to it. Why is this combination of VPN tools effective and in demand – read on.

VPN Plenet and private VPN server: everything you need

In a virtual private network created using the Planet VPN app or extension, there is one important component – VPN server through which traffic is routed and encrypted. It is the technical characteristics and capabilities of this link that determine the overall performance of the network: data processing speed, bandwidth, data encryption level, connection stability, the ability to work with streaming content, etc.

And in order to find and connect the best server – We recommend buying a private VPN server. You can make such a purchase quickly and safely on the Private VPN server. Here you can also find a lot of information about VPN in general, about a private VPN server and answers to questions about it: how to pay, on what term to buy or rent, etc.

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