How to bypass VPN blocking: a qualitatively different approach

How to bypass VPN blocking: a qualitatively different approach

In light of the active actions of Roskomnadzor to block popular VPN services in order to prevent users from accessing prohibited resources, the Internet community is responding by developing new methods for bypassing blocking. This battle between censorship and Internet freedom continues today, revealing interesting aspects of this confrontation.

How to bypass VPN blocking: practical recommendations

To learn how to bypass VPN blocking, you first need to understand how services are blocked at the software or technical levels. Roskomnadzor blocks websites using anti-protocols aimed at identifying network addresses from the list of prohibited ones. However, blocking one provider does not always mean the site is unavailable to everyone; this is due to incomplete data transfer.

You can bypass this VPN blocking mechanism using a special tool - the GoodbyeDPI application or similar programs. Below we will consider their fundamental functionality, which can provide free access to the network, despite VPN restrictions.

Good bye DPI is software that can be used relatively easily. The results of testing the performance of the service showed: after activating GoodbyDPI, anti-protocols stop working, opening access to previously inaccessible Internet targets.

This method is effective for the HTTP protocol, but does not apply to HTTPS. To unblock HTTPS, you can use the arguments passed to the program when it is launched via the operating system command line. The service has a number of arguments (-1, -2, -3, -4, -a) that deactivate various locking options. However, it is worth noting that the connection speed when using the program remains higher than when accessing via VPN server.

The advantage of GoodBy DP is its high access speed compared to classic VPN operation. However, one should take into account the relative vulnerability of the user’s personal data, which can be a significant anti-factor when choosing such a technology.

How to bypass VPN blocks: list of working solutions

You can get a VPN without blocking, in addition to the GoodbyDPI tool discussed above, using other similar programs:

  1. ReQrypt – an option for those who face restrictions only on the network address. It takes advantage of the fact that anti-VPN protocols cut off outgoing traffic to a web address without affecting the return transmission of data packets. ReQrypt sends data packets to its server, which is similar in meaning to a VPN server, from which information is seamlessly returned to the user’s device. This program is free and runs on the Windows operating system.
  2. Zapret – for Linux OS users. It has extensive settings, which makes it attractive for advanced users. Installation on Linux is usually done manually, according to detailed instructions provided by the software authors.
  3. DPI Tunnel – alternative to VPN for Android. The application implements a method to bypass VPN bans, although users note that in some cases it may not cope with more complex provider tunneling.

The struggle for free access to the Internet continues, and developers are constantly offering new ways to bypass blocking. The choice of the appropriate program depends on the specific needs and technical equipment of the user. However, it is important to be aware of the possible risks and ensure compliance with the laws when using such tools.

Private VPN server: additional level of functionality

Programs for bypassing VPN blocks are successfully used in conjunction with private VPN servers, while the user receives more extensive functionality of tools for free and comfortable access to the network.

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