How to disable VPN on your phone: it’s simple

How to disable VPN on your phone: it's simple

In the modern world, VPN services are more in demand than ever, especially in the last couple of years. FSKNTiMK decided to ban the use of applications and social networks Instagram and Facebook. In addition, Twitter and posting videos on Tik Tok have become inaccessible. This has led to an increase in the number of users in Russia who install VPNs on their Android devices in order to still log in and use the desired entertainment or other resource.

How to disable VPN on Android: working algorithm

Let's start with why users sometimes need to disable VPN on your mobile phone. The answer is banal and simple. Often we want to disable VPN for various reasons, such as incorrect operation of the application, slowdown of the device, rapid battery drain and other problems.

To achieve this goal and deactivate VPN on Android, you can take one of five paths, the choice of which depends on your preferences and skills:

  1. Through program parameters. Open the application and find the connection option on the screen. In the device settings, check whether the device is protected. If the connection is active, click on the disconnect icon.
  2. Through the quick access panel. Open the curtain on the screen and tap the VPN icon. On the main screen of the application, select the "Deactivate" option. or similar.
  3. Uninstalling an application – relevant for the case when you no longer plan to use this particular application. Look at the settings of your mobile device and open the "Applications" section. In the "Third Party" section find the VPN app. Select "Delete" and confirm the deletion. Find out more about how to remove a VPN in article.
  4. System tools. Go to the "Settings" section - "Wireless Networks" - "Additional" - "VPN". Select a connection and tap "Delete" or "Close connection".
  5. Return your device to factory settings. Turn off your phone and hold down the volume up/down key and the power button. In BIOS, check "Wipe data/factory reset" and confirm your choice using the power button.

How to disable VPN on Apple phones: an effective method

Disabling VPN on iPhone devices can be done using several methods. First, you can use the network and Internet settings, which is suitable both for deactivating a connection created by third-party software and for disabling a VPN installed through the iPhone settings. Secondly, users can remove a VPN application directly from the device’s home screen by holding their finger on the corresponding application and selecting the “Delete application” option. It is also possible to disable the VPN through the general settings in the iPhone by going to the "General" section. and selecting the “VPN” option, where, if there is an active connection, you can uncheck the box and terminate the connection. These methods provide flexibility in choice depending on user preferences and the specific situation.

The choice of method depends on the specific situation, the OS model on the smartphone and your preferences. Also, do not forget that to solve problems with connection and Internet speed, you can not limit yourself to just a smartphone. If the planned activity allows, you can use the option of installing VPN browser extension to a personal computer, and also think about connecting any devices to a paid subscription to a good VPN service or a personal VPN server.

Private VPN server: the future of digital security

In addition to using private VPN services, the implementation of private VPN servers is becoming increasingly popular, which allows users to have a more complete toolkit for secure interaction with network resources. Using your own VPN server can be especially attractive for those who value privacy, security and flexibility in settings. The ability to manage your own server gives the user control over traffic, choice of server location and encryption level.

The decision to buy a private VPN server on Private VPN server is a reasonable and profitable step in the field of using VPN. This online resource provides extensive information about available rental options, various payment methods for VPN servers, as well as useful information about the geographical distribution of servers and other aspects. After analyzing all the factors, you can evaluate the proposals and choose the optimal solution that best suits your individual needs.

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