How to fix DNS instability when connecting to a VPN

How to fix DNS instability when connecting to a VPN

Modern technologies provide us with amazing opportunities to ensure security and anonymity on the Internet. However, as is often the case, with these new capabilities come their own technical challenges. One of these problems is unstable DNS operation after connecting via VPN. Let's look at why this happens and how you can solve this problem.

Causes and solutions to problems with DNS with active VPN

Resolving problems of incorrect DNS operation when using a VPN requires careful consideration of several aspects, ranging from choosing the right DNS servers to VPN settings. By following the suggested steps, you can not only eliminate existing problems, but also improve the overall performance and reliability of your Internet connection:

  • Having received a signal about a domain name resolution error when using a VPN, the user understands that the problem is related to the DNS. This phenomenon is a consequence of incorrect DNS server parameters or their incorrect operation. A virtual network encrypts the Internet connection and provides anonymity, and this is precisely what requires a correct connection to the DNS.
  • You can resolve failures in web address resolution when using a VPN in the network configuration section by selecting the appropriate network card and manually adjusting the DNS server identifiers, if necessary.
  • Detecting a notification about non-working VPN, inaccessible DNS servers and suffixes, the user understands that these particular elements are the cause of the difficulties. Their settings are used within the framework of the concept of forced tunneling with an active VPN connection, which makes it impossible to work through the internal DNS server.
  • The Dynamic Domain Name System (DDNS) can help solve these problems by providing a permanent reference point in the form of a static host name. This allows the device to connect to the intermediate permanent address provided by MediaStreamer even if the IP address provided by the ISP changes.

To minimize the likelihood of problems with DNS servers, it is also a good idea to check that the VPN is installed correctly. You need to make sure that VPN is correctly installed and configured. It may be necessary to review the configuration, especially after program updates, to avoid possible errors.

DNS servers for VPN: proven lifesavers for different situations

To improve the stability and performance of your Internet connection, it is extremely important to pay attention to the selection of suitable DNS servers. Below are more details about the two recommended options:

  • Google DNS: and Google provides its own DNS servers, which have become popular due to their reliability and speed. The use of these DNSs provides a reliable domain name resolution mechanism, reducing latency and providing faster access to Internet resources.
  • Cloudflare DNS: and Cloudflower also provides outstanding DNS servers with a focus on speed and security. Their use provides additional layers of security, filtering malware (malware) and increasing confidentiality when exchanging data over the network.

By understanding the causes and solutions to DNS problems when using a VPN, each user will be able to ensure a stable and secure Internet connection. Remember that the correct configuration of DNS servers plays a key role in ensuring the smooth operation of the VPN.

Private VPN server: better quality of service – fewer problems with DNS

When using a private VPN server, you have the opportunity to choose yourself which DNS servers to connect, or entrust the choice to experienced specialists who provide rental services for private VPN servers. This is relevant if you have special preferences or the requirements for your private VPN server require the operation of specific DNS.

You can get more information and buy a private VPN server on Private VPN server. The FAQ section will provide answers to frequently asked questions about private VPN servers, and extensive articles about VPN will reveal to the user a lot of useful information about modern products on the digital market.

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