How to play Brawl without VPN in 2023

How to play Brawl without VPN in 2023

Information on how to play Brawl Stars without VPN has received a new wave of relevance today. There is a reason for this, and it lies in the fact that the updated version of the game contains settings that are incompatible with VPN operation.

BS without VPN: why is it relevant

Why are VPN blocking settings included in the Brawl upgrade? Because the developer company in the spring of 2023 banned players from the Russian Federation from connecting to the game. But due to the fact that bypassing the blocking was relatively easy via VPN, the developers came up with and applied a method preventing such unauthorized connections.

In addition to the software add-on, there are many other methods and algorithms for detecting and blocking unauthorized access in the Brawl Stars application itself. They function at different levels: software, technical, legal, and make it very difficult to access the Brawl Stars platform from Russia.

Such restrictions have proved to be quite effective, and many Russian players have indeed been unable to connect to Bravl for some time. But, having wondered how to enter Brawl Stars without VPN, the most savvy and experienced users found the answer and are happy to share it among like-minded people.

Brawl Stars without VPN: instructions on how to connect

Before you start playing Bravo Stars without VPN, you need to complete a few steps of minimum and medium complexity. But the result is worth it, so let's get started:

  • The first step towards organizing free access to Brawl Stars without VPN will be to download the current version of the game. But to do this through Google Play and some other sites will not work. We go to the proven resource – APKPure app store, find the Brawl Stars app and install it.
  • The next step is to connect a remote server that will process and route traffic. And since we are interested in how to play BS without VPN, server VPN  is not considered in this case. But, on a larger scale, by analogy with them, DNS servers function. The main criterion that such a – not a Russian geographic location.
  • You can connect a DNS server in order to be able to play Brawl without VPN in the settings of your laptop, phone or computer in the connections/sharing section. In this or similar folder, you need to find the item or tab DNS server and activate the connection by setting the host name of the DNS provider. In the line that appears, enter the address of the private DNS server (for example, and save it.
  • Now you can access the Brawl Stars app without a VPN and enjoy the usual functions, features and interface as they were before the blocking.

Fallback: Proven path via VPN

If the DNS server setting does not add up and you really don’t know how specifically in your case to enter and play Brawl without VPN, go back one step and after downloading the BS application, try to establish a connection with any currently working in the Russian Federation VPN server.

For this, you will definitely need a private VPN server, which you can buy at the most favorable rates on Private VPN server. Find out why a private VPN server is better than a public one, what levels of protection and data safety it implies, as well as the terms of purchase, payment methods, offer, the geography of VPN servers, information about promotions and discounts, and a lot of interesting information about VPN – everything is on Private VPN server. Come, explore, choose and enjoy unlimited access to the web.

If you can’t download and play Brawl without a VPN, as well as organize access to the game through all possible VPNs, there is a chance that the connection is not created for reasons completely unrelated to virtual private networks. In this case, article will be useful for you . We hope the Private VPN server resource will help you deal with the difficulties and still set up a connection and play Brawl without a VPN or through a virtual private network.

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