Hyde VPN: access to the free Internet

Hyde VPN: access to the free Internet

VPN Hide Me – modern VPN technology designed to provide reliable protection for your Internet connection from intrusive surveillance, censorship and malicious threats. The service creates a virtual network that allows you to surf the Internet completely anonymously and safely.

To start working from this digital haven, you just need to install the application and enter a special access code. The next step is to enter the world of the Internet, where your privacy and security are fully protected.

How the impeccable work of Hidden VPN is organized

The functioning of Hyde Mi VPN begins with the creation of a secure tunnel connecting the user’s device and the provider’s server. This tunnel allows you to enter a private network, abbreviated as VPN. The peculiarities of accessing the Internet in this case are the following points:

  • Your Russian IP-address is changed to the network identifier of another country. This means that all web resources and social platforms blocked in the Russian Federation begin to perceive you as a user located in another country. Therefore, you can use the Internet, games and social media. networks via VPN the way local residents do it.
  • VPN also provides reliable protection: all your transmitted and received data becomes inaccessible to interception and reading by third parties.
  • Unhindered use of the Internet without any limits, censorship or filters.
  • With Haidmi VPN you can organize secure file sharing. Encrypted file sharing between members of your network is available at any privacy level.

Geography of Hyde May VPN servers: extensive and multivariate

VPN Hide is constantly expanding its network of servers to provide users with a wide range of options for solving various problems. In addition, the service constantly improves existing servers, optimizing their operation and resources. Today, the Name VPN network includes 117 host nodes located in 61 localities and 42 countries around the world.

Why is it so important that the server has a wide geography? Because the user chooses the specific server that best suits his needs. VPN Mi also has tools for VPN check, speed tests and other functionalities server characteristics, which allows you to optimize your search.

Each of the May VPN servers operates independently, which ensures the stability of the entire network. Even if several servers fail, you always have the opportunity to choose from hundreds of others ready to go.

Additional levels of functionality and protection: private VPN server

Hide Me VPN and Personal VPN Server can work together to provide an extra level of security and flexibility to your Internet connection. At the same time, with their correct alignment, the following is ensured:

  • An additional layer of security. If you want to enhance the security level of your Internet connection, you can use a private VPN server as an intermediate link between your device and a remote VPN service. This creates a double layer of encryption and enhances the protection of your data.
  • Additional privacy. A private VPN server can be useful if you want additional control over your data and level of privacy. You can configure your own access rules and logging policies on your personal server.
  • Bypassing geographic restrictions. When a VPN service and a private VPN server work together, you can use the VPN service's remote servers to bypass geographic restrictions, and your personal server can add an extra layer of anonymity.

You can buy a private VPN server on Personal VPN server. Extensive information about VPN services in general, as well as private VPN servers in particular, is available here. On this resource you will find detailed information about rental options, payment options, server locations, answers to frequently asked questions and other important nuances related to VPN services.

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