Nova VPN: adapted to user requests

Nova VPN: adapted to user requests

Virtual private networks have become an integral part of modern online life, providing security and anonymity on the Internet. However, among the variety of VPN services, Nova VPN, developed by the Blackout 360 team, stands out for its unique functionality. Previously only available for Android users, Nova VPN now provides the opportunity to enjoy its extensive functionality on a larger screen thanks to PC compatibility.

Possibilities of Nova VPN or why you need to download this particular VPN

VPN Nova — is a fast-acting application that offers the functions of free VPN with high speed. There is no need for any settings, just click to download the application and safely surf the Internet in your pocket.

To start using Nova VPN on your computer, simply download the application. This feature allows you to use VPN Nova on your PC without unnecessary complications. Having transferred VPN technology from your phone to your PC, there is now no need to worry about the battery charge or missed calls while the VPN is active.

Nova features VPN for PC  unfold to their full potential on a widescreen monitor, giving you a unique experience of fast, secure browsing. Enjoy the freedom of private communication on the Internet, and it's all absolutely free.

Nova VPN transforms your web path into an impenetrable labyrinth for prying eyes, providing the highest level of anonymity. Your online expedition becomes inaccessible to outside observers lurking in the shadows of the digital space. This digital shield, set up against the background of the usual proxies, makes your Internet exemplary impregnable, especially in the jungle of public, free Wi-Fi zones.

The service supports a VPN network covering America and Eurasia, and plans to expand to new countries in the near future. Most servers are available for free connection, click on the flag and change the server at any time.

Why choose and want to download Nova VPN:

  • Many servers and fast internet.
  • Supports Wi-Fi, 5G, LTE/4G, 3G and all mobile operators
  • Does not store logs - your privacy is safe.
  • Selecting a server – automatically optimized or your choice.
  • Nova VPN uses its own private, encrypted DNS on each server, making targeted connections safer and faster.
  • Simple and clear interface, minimum advertising.
  • No restrictions on time and use.
  • No registration or complex setup required.
  • Does not require extra permissions.
  • Compact size but reliable.

Download Nova VPN - a fast and secure way to enjoy the Internet.

Nova VPN on PC is the perfect combination of functionality and convenience, opening up new horizons for users in ensuring the safety of their online stay. Don't miss the opportunity to enjoy freedom in a virtual environment at the most comfortable level with Nova VPN.

Nova VPN and AES-256 standard

Nova VPN implements AES-256 - this is an encryption standard that uses the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) algorithm with a key length of 256 bits. This standard is one of the most secure and widely accepted encryption methods in the world. The longer the key, the more difficult it is to crack using brute force methods, which makes AES-256 a very reliable means of ensuring information confidentiality and all this in free VPN.

This encryption method is widely used in various fields such as information security, finance, healthcare and many others where a high level of data protection is required. Due to its reliability and efficiency, AES-256 is recommended by many cybersecurity experts.

Private VPN server: always guarding your safety

Private VPN server, which can be purchased on Private VPN server, acts as a universal security tool. It can operate as a standalone VPN unit, or as an additional security and data routing barrier when using public VPN services with their own servers. For successful interaction between Nova VPN and your own server, additional configuration may be required both on your server and on your device as an additional security measure

Detailed information about how and under what conditions you can purchase a private VPN server, offer and options for payment services - on Private VPN server. Study the information consciously in order to comfortably use the capabilities of VPN technologies.

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