Setting up VPN on iPhone: two ways

Setting up VPN on iPhone: two ways

The use of VPN technologies is an integral part of the life of Russian iPhone users who want to have access to external resources and bypass political and censorship restrictions.

In summary, there are two different ways to set up a VPN on an iPhone: by downloading the app, or by activating and configuring the built-in VPN service. Let's start with the second.

How to enable VPN on iPhone without downloading the app

VPN on iPhone is already built into the software architecture of the device and you can activate it in a few minutes in the settings. How to do it – algorithm:

  1. We go to the menu Settings - General - VPN and device management. After that, click on the item "Not connected" and add a new configuration.
  2. Next, you need to determine for yourself the VPN service that best suits your needs and preferences. The main selection criteria should be compatibility with the L2TP protocol and the IP-address of the server outside the territory of the Russian Federation (for wishing to bypass blocking and geographical restrictions). You can solve the problem of finding a suitable service yourself or use the hints at
  3. And since we are doing VPN on iPhone, you need to go back to the iPhone settings and make the necessary settings, knowing the information specified in the previous paragraph. The general view of the list of VPN settings on the iPhone itself contains the following data: Type – specify L2TP; description – invent our own; server - here we insert the IP address or, more preferably, the name of the server; username, password and pre-shared key – we also invent ourselves and do not forget. VPN setup on iPhone is considered complete, you can click the "Finish" button.
  4. The VPN configuration for iPhone is activated and deactivated by dragging the slider to the appropriate On/Off position (similar to an alarm clock).
  5. It remains only to test how efficient the built-in VPN on iPhone is after completing the above settings. To do this, go to Instagram or TikTok and use it.

If the VPN does not work, we try to change the server to another, focusing on the rating and reviews about it.

How to make VPN on iPhone: the easiest way

Absolutely any iPhone user is asked how to install VPN on iPhone download vpn app. And he will be absolutely right. A great option for those who do not want to bother with searching for servers on their own.

The benefits of using VPN apps for iPhone are:

  • Ease of use. Many VPN programs have an intuitive interface that makes the process of connecting and choosing a server very simple.
  • Additional functions. Some VPN apps offer additional features such as ad blocking, malware protection, etc.
  • Selecting servers. VPN apps usually provide a large selection of servers in different countries, which can be useful for bypassing geographic and censorship restrictions.

Of the disadvantages of using VPN applications, one can note the long loading of the resource and, as a result, a slow Internet connection. In addition, most quality VPN apps offer paid subscriptions. Free options often have speed and data limits.

Private VPN server for iPhone: a high level of security organization

The decision to buy a private VPN server and connect it to VPN on iPhone will help to provide an additional layer of security and privacy for your Internet connections. A private VPN server allows you to create an encrypted tunnel between your device and the end resource, hiding your traffic from being monitored by third parties, including ISPs.

You can purchase a private VPN server at Private VPN server. On the same site, you can get acquainted with the terms of the public offer company, find out how to pay for services and get answers to common questions about VPN technologies . Including, on the resource you will learn how to connect VPN on iPhone, Android and other operating systems.

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