Strengthening anonymity on the network: the role of a properly chosen VPN

Strengthening anonymity on the network: the role of a properly chosen VPN

In the digital age, we Internet users are constantly being watched. Websites ask for our email addresses and advertising companies install invisible tracking tools, trackers, creating a complex world of digital surveillance. However, by following a few key rules, you can significantly reduce the level of information about yourself in the online space. In this context, one of the important tools is the correct use and thoughtful VPN choice.

What to do to ensure that as little information as possible about you gets on the Internet

To figure out how to increase your own anonymity on the Internet, you should start with the sources from which this information is collected by interested companies. Where and how information about users on the network is collected:

  • Use of trackers on websites. Many websites implement trackers and invisible tracking markers to collect information about user activity.
  • Transitions between sites. Data about user movement between sites is used to predict interests and offer personalized advertising.
  • Shopping. Purchase information is also used to create a profile of consumer preferences and offer targeted promotional offers.
  • Track other online activities. Tracking technologies record every user action, forming a detailed profile of his interests, predicting, based on psychological knowledge, the likelihood of making online purchases, and also determining loyalty to advertising and other marketing phenomena. In simple terms, the more detailed a person’s digital profile, the more predictable he is and the more offers he receives for digital or physical products of interest.
  • Geotags, marks and links in social networks. User information posted in public posts, including geotags and other marks, may be used to determine the user's location and interests.

User agreements for absolutely every program installed on a phone or PC also contain clauses, a professional legal interpretation of which will tell you what risks they contain:

  • Many applications require consent to collect and use user data for advertising, arbitration, and other purposes.
  • User agreements may include provisions prohibiting interference in various disputes with application copyright holders.
  • We recommend that you carefully read the user agreements to understand how your data is used and what risks may arise.

Ways to enhance anonymity: you can’t do without a VPN

Let's look at effective ways to enhance anonymity online, from tracking blocking to advanced security measures so that each user can independently choose their level of privacy:

  • Tracking blocking. An ideal place to start is by blocking trackers and ads with built-in tracking technology in your browser. For a good level of anonymity, you can use Tor Browser, which provides traffic encryption and advanced privacy measures.
  • Disabling microphones at the software level, using Faraday cages, etc. These are additional steps for those seeking the highest level of protection, but may be overkill for most.
  • Choosing the right anonymous VPN. It would be ideal if you find a service that will not only encrypt traffic, hide the network address and bypass censorship, but also carefully and responsibly handle users’ personal data. To do this, there must be an open logging policy, a provision on non-disclosure of the user's identity and a trusted image of the provider.

While complete anonymity online is challenging, taking the right steps can significantly reduce your level of tracking. Using a VPN such as Mulward, combined with conscious changes in online behavior and vigilance to user agreements, allows you to enjoy the digital world more securely and anonymously.

Private VPN server: a definite plus for privacy

In search of maximum anonymity, many people pay attention to the possibility of using a private VPN server. This move allows users to clearly improve their online security and privacy. A private VPN server is used personally by the user, which reduces to zero the possibility of tracking, eavesdropping and other unauthorized interventions from the outside.

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