VPN automation: what is it and how to organize it

VPN automation: what it is and how to organize it

VPN automation, in a global sense, means the use of software tools and processes to simplify and organize the autonomy of managing, configuring and maintaining VPN connections. But the vast majority of users mean by this term settings in which VPN automatically turns on- turns off when you start-deactivate certain applications. Let's take a closer look at this very popular request among users - how to set up VPN activation.

Automatic VPN on iPhone: how to implement it

If you already have a VPN configured on your iPhone and at this stage you want to know how to enable it automatically when you log in Instagram or another application, information for you.

Below is an enlarged algorithm that will tell you how to make VPN on iPhone turn on automatically. This guide is suitable not only for iPhones, but also for most other smartphones:

  • 1. Download the Commands app, install it.
  • 2. We determine the compatibility of your VPN with the Teams application, for this you can study the relevant information on the Internet or simply try to follow the algorithm further. In the worst case, in case of incompatibility, you just have to download a new VPN that works through Teams, and first go through the whole path of organizing automatic VPN activation.
  • 3. We go to the Teams app on your device and go straight to the Automation category.
  • 4. Click Create automation for yourself. In the list of parameters, we found and selected Application.
  • 5. In the window that opens, make sure that the checkbox next to Open is activated, and click on Select next to Application.
  • 6. Enter the name of the application (for example, Instagram), select it, click Finish and Next.
  • 7. We add a new command by entering the name of your VPN client (it matches the name of the VPN application), set the selection string on the previously installed application and proceed to the connection settings.
  • 8. Set the Enable VPN connection parameter and the Next button. In the next window that opens, deactivate the Ask before launch option.
  • 9. We remember the choice, the setting is completed. VPN automatic activation is activated.

Now you have a new scenario for how the VPN service works: the enable VPN directive will be automatically implemented each time when Instagram is launched.

How to set VPN to turn off automatically?

In order to configure VPN automatically deactivate, you need to use all the same Commands application.

The VPN connection deactivation directive is configured similarly to the enable instruction. The difference lies in some fundamental points:

  • Click on the Plus to add a new team and move the checkbox from Open to Closed. This means that the VPN connection will be terminated when the specified application is closed.
  • When adding the desired action (command), turn off the Ask before launch option, confirm the choice with the Done button.

Your device now has two scripts running in parallel. You can collapse the Commands and test whether the automatic enable/disable VPN works when opening/closing Instagram.

In exactly the same way, you can set up a whole list of other standalone commands and actions that make it easier for you to interact with your phone.

Private VPN server: automation and comfort at the highest level

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On this resource you can find a full range of information about payment options and methods, clarifications to common questions in the section FAQ and other materials that will help you get the most out of purchasing and using the service of renting a private VPN server.

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