VPN in Opera GX

VPN in Opera GX

Opera GX is a unique web browser designed specifically for gamers. This tool gives you the ability to customize the performance, color palette, and other settings to suit your needs. The browser also offers integrated resource management features and built-in gaming news, making it the best choice for a gaming audience.

To ensure a high degree of privacy in the online space, one incognito mode activated in the browser is not enough. Rather, we can say that it is not effective in the context of bypassing censorship and geographic resource blocking. If you are looking for more privacy when surfing the Internet or connecting to a gaming platform, the best The solution is to enable the VPN extension in Opera GX. Let's consider how to activate VPN tools in the browser.

How to enable VPN in Opera GX: algorithm of actions

To enable VPN in Opera GX, you need to follow a few simple steps:

  1. Entering the settings. To activate VPN in Opera GX, you must first go to the settings. This can be done through the application menu by clicking on the gear icon in the sidebar. There are also alternative ways: the keyboard shortcut Alt + P or clicking on the browser logo in the upper left corner, and then selecting the Settings item from the context menu.
  2. Activate the VPN configuration. To do this, go to Advanced settings, then go to the Functionality section. And the first option in it is our desired one, namely, VPN. By moving the slider next to the Enable VPN option, activate it.
  3. Configuring VPN characteristics. After the above steps, a compact VPN icon will appear on the left side of the address bar. By clicking on it, a small context menu with settings will appear. There it is possible to change the virtual location, choose the one suitable for your specific requests or at random (if you don’t remember any specifying factors).
  4. Checking the performance of the VPN. After completing the settings, go to any familiar service, for example, a gaming platform or social network , direct access to which is blocked from the territory of the Russian Federation, and enjoy.

Disabling VPN in the GX web browser is elementary. Click on the VPN icon in the upper left corner of the address bar and switch the slider from On to Off. The icon will change colors but remain visible. You can also hide the icon completely. To do this, deactivate the Enable VPN option in the Opera GX settings.

If VPN does not work in GX

When Opera GX encounters problems with the performance of the VPN service, it is worth trying different ways to solve them. If automatic updates are disabled on your PC or phone, or if your antivirus software blocks them, VPN functions may fail. So, it's worth trying to download an update for the browser, restart it and re-enable VPN according to the above algorithm to fix the problem.

There are cases when the browser VPN service does not work after updates. There may have been bugs or element corruption during development that temporarily disabled this feature. Try restoring a previous working browser version.

If the functions of the VPN add-on in the browser are not restored by any means available to the user, it may be due to the policy of VPN restrictions in your region. To fix this problem, you can download the VPN extension from the official Opera GX plugin store.

Private VPN Server: Hardening Security

It doesn't matter if you use a VPN in Opera GX or any other browser, connecting a personal virtual server instead of a public one always helps to increase the security of the connection. You can buy a private VPN server on the Private VPN server. It also provides all the relevant information about tariffs and terms of server rental, payment methods for services, geography of countries of location, answers to FAQ and a lot other useful information about VPN.

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