VPN Unlimited: digital world without restrictions

VPN Unlimited: digital world without restrictions

Every Internet user has a continuous need to ensure security and protection of personal data. This position is valid both when using direct access to the network and when visiting resources through the browsers Chrome, Firefox and others. VPN Unlimited is designed to protect browser connections. This VPN is a fast, easy-to-use extension for the Chrome web browser that offers a wide range of features to protect your online connection and ensure privacy in the digital world.

What attracts VPN Unlimited?

Users highly rate VPN Unlimited, noting its interesting, oriented on the comfort of each user, functions and reliability. The main features of VPN Unlimited are:

  • Unlimited access. The extension provides unlimited access to online resources.
  • Protection against information output via WebRTC. Prevents possible disclosure of your actual network address.
  • Data confidentiality. Ensures the security of the user's confidential data.
  • Privacy. Masks your current network address so that it is impossible for any algorithms to track the real, final network address in order to identify or obtain at least some user data.
  • Guarantees secure connection to public hotspots.
  • Bypassing provider restrictions. Helps circumvent restrictions imposed by censorship or legislation.
  • Multi-user connection. Allows you to connect to five devices simultaneously.
  • High-speed servers. More than 3,000 servers provide optimal Internet connection characteristics.
  • Access to content. Provides entry to gaming platforms, streaming services and social networks.

Auxiliary VPN Unlimited options: expand your potential

The VPN extension provides additional options, providing the highest level of privacy and a comfortable stay in the digital world:

  • MonoDefense package. VPN Unlimited is also included in a comprehensive security package consisting of DNS Firewall and Passwarden.
  • Personal VPN server from VPN Unlimited. Provides maximum speed and stable connection through the use of a personal server.
  • Personal static IP address. Guarantees no blocking and additional protection for bank accounts and other accounts.
  • Additional devices. Extends unlimited protection to more than five devices.

Also, VPN Unlimited provides automatic disabling VPN in trusted networks, guaranteeing security in reliable conditions. Create a list of your favorite regions for instant access, and 24/7 competent support ensures that any user questions that arise are quickly resolved.

You already understand that VPN Unlimited provides a reliable and effective extension for safe and anonymous Internet surfing. With a high rating and positive user reviews, it provides a wide range of features, making it an attractive choice for online security. Stay tuned as MonoDefense products continually expand to provide comprehensive protection for your online activities.

Private VPN server: always a choice in favor of quality and security

It’s not for nothing that in order to improve the quality of services, the developers of VPN Unlimited have provided a private VPN server as a separate mega-useful option. After all, the ability to use a private VPN server provides users with maximum speed and connection stability. This functionality provides a unique level of control and security, since the entire server belongs only to you, excluding simultaneous connections of thousands of other users, which guarantees the reliability and efficiency of your virtual space.

You can rent or buy a private VPN server on favorable terms on Private VPN server. In addition, the portal contains articles in which each user will find extensive information about modern products in the VPN category on the Russian digital market. And in the FAQ section provides answers to frequently asked questions regarding the topic of purchasing private VPN servers.

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