VPN working in Crimea: top best services

VPN working in Crimea: top best services

The lack of free access to Internet resources in Crimea is due to a number of factors and political decisions. The most significant among them is the fact of the annexation of Crimea to Russia, which led to the political isolation of the peninsula and tightening control over the Internet in the region, as well as censorship and control. The Russian government agency Roskomnadzor actively censors Internet content and blocks access to various sites and services that may be considered objectionable or contrary to the country's official policy.

As a result of these factors, residents of the peninsula face restrictions in freedom of access to Internet resources and often use VPN for Android or for iPhone and other technical means to bypass these blocks and provide yourself with access to various sources of information on the Internet.

VPN for Crimea: 5 working options

To bypass censorship and geo-blocking, it is enough to use VPN services. Some services provide free versions with minor restrictions. Let's look at the top 5 VPNs for Crimea in Russian:

  • Planet VPN is a free VPN for Crimea, which provides complete freedom in using traffic and is characterized by a relatively high data transfer speed. In addition, there is a paid version of the service with additional functions and capabilities. The service is ideal for streaming videos, watching sports events on streaming platforms and playing online games.
  • Hola VPN - effective and affordable VPN. A distinctive feature of Hol is its unique operating model, in which traffic is routed not only through secure VPN servers, but also through devices of other profiles in the P2P network. Free Hola VPN for Crimea in Russian has limitations: only three devices can be connected, streaming video is not available in the best quality, and access is organized to approximately 15% of the total number of servers.
  • PureVPN – This is a paid VPN service that provides high-quality connection without storing logs. The Pur VPN network includes more than six thousand servers and operates with more than 300,000 IP addresses. PureVPN is compatible with various platforms and OSes, and also provides extensions for Chrome and Firefox browsers.
  • Windscribe is a relatively free VPN service that not only allows you to unblock limited resources, but also provides encryption of browser activity, blocks annoying ads and organizes security while surfing the Internet. Provides an additional double tunneling function, which allows you to optimally distribute traffic flows and properly encrypt them.
  • Hidemy.name is a proven VPN service that declares a zero-logging policy and complete confidentiality for all users. The service also provides the ability to create local tunnels for data exchange between users with minimal risk of detection. Features of Hidemy.name include the “Chameleon” function, which encrypts the connection stage to router servers, thus bypassing the ban on the operation of VPN services, and also has an emergency button that breaks the connection to the virtual network if there is a threat of cyber attacks.

Download Crimea VPN for free: what you need to know about free VPN

Making a decision download VPN for free for Crimea or another region, you need to consider: free VPN services can be useful for organizing full access to the desired Internet resources, but it is important to know the following important points about them:

  • Have limited resources – reduced speed and bandwidth;
  • does not provide 100% security;
  • storage of logs and lack of confidentiality guarantees;
  • advertising and tracking

Private VPN server: an excellent solution for Crimea

Using a private VPN server will definitely be useful for organizing free and secure access to any Internet resources, especially in regions where access to them is limited.

You can find out more detailed information and buy a private VPN server at Private VPN server. On the same resource, the FAQ section will help you find answers to popular questions about private VPN servers, and in articles about VPN, every user will find a lot of useful information about VPN products on the modern digital market of the Russian Federation.

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