Yandex VPN: choosing the best solution for work

Yandex VPN: choosing the best solution for the job

Unfortunately, modern Internet users in some cases cannot access certain sites. This is largely due to the presence of blockings established at the legislative level of a particular country. How to act in such a situation? Accept and look for an alternative on other available resources? No, you do not have to take such a step if you decide to connect special VPN services to your work. Now let's dwell in more detail on how to implement this idea in the Yandex browser. The fact is that this Internet browser does not have such an option in its basic functionality. Therefore, in order to solve the task, you will need to connect an additional extension to the work. Often such software is popularly called anonymizers. They are designed to replace your real IP-address with an alternative one, thereby bypassing regional restrictions.

Now let's get acquainted with the Yandex browser in more detail, its advantages for work. we also give 5 applications that are most often used when setting up Yandex VPN. Let's talk about why they should not be used in the work of those who are looking for maximum functionality and stability. We will suggest the best solution in this situation. If you wish, we suggest that you get acquainted with what is VPN.

Getting acquainted with Yandex. Browser

Yandex— An Internet browser that has an increased demand among many modern users. This was facilitated by a large set of built-in extensions, the presence of antivirus and other very useful functions. Now let's dwell on its advantages in more detail. Among the main advantages we highlight:

  1. Updated interface. There are many opportunities for every fan of customization. It provides translucent elements, colored tabs, top and bottom placement of tabs. The developer is constantly improving the browser interface: each new update will delight you with functional changes.
  2. Built-in ad blocker. Forget about annoying banners, commercials. There is a built-in adblocker, which you can independently activate or deactivate, block ads on certain sites or on all web pages.
  3. Simple quick integration with all Yandex services. You will feel as comfortable as possible in the environment of this Internet browser. There are a number of functions and add-ons that make it easier to work with search, navigation, cloud storage, music service, and other Yandex own projects.
  4. High security. Today, browser developers put a lot of effort into making their product as secure as possible. So, already today, its own built-in antivirus Yandex Protect Service is used. It monitors in real time all the sites that the user opens, as well as all downloaded files.
  5. The presence of the Turbo mode. Great solution for slow connections. If you activate it, then all the content of the pages will be compressed on the browser servers, and only after that it will be transferred to you, which will significantly speed up page loading and save traffic. This option is relevant even for videos.
  6. The presence of buttons in the search bar. Directly in the search bar there is a button that will allow you to immediately go to the main page of the site. And if you highlight the page address, then 2 more buttons will become active, allowing you to immediately copy it for sending by e-mail or in order to share it with friends on social networks.
  7. A built-in set of add-ons. Each Yandex user will be able to quickly and easily install any extension they need in their work. The Internet browser has already picked up the most necessary add-ons, and you can find them in the "Settings" section. That is, you just have to activate them and that's it.
  8. Scoreboard. This is the name of the Yandex browser start page. It will contain tiles of the sites that you visit most often, as well as links to the history, application, extension, as well as the search bar itself. In addition, it is possible to set the wallpaper yourself: animated or static.
  9. Synchronization with mobile devices. Yandex.Browser provides versions for desktop, laptop, tablet, and smartphone. What's more, it also syncs across all devices, including bookmarks, stories, passwords, extension settings, and the base page.
  10. Additional options. We are talking about a built-in translator, quick answers, currency converters. All extensions that you would have to additionally download and install in other search engines are already built-in here. The user will also appreciate the — just highlight the word, and an explanation of its meaning will immediately appear.

But, along with all these advantages, Yandex VPN as such is not provided. You are still limited when working online. It can be connected through an additional application.

Which Yandex VPN to choose: options

If you choose Yandex VPN for yourself, then the modern market offers to use free extensions. Here are a few options available that have worked relatively well.

  • Yandex Access. Providing access to prohibited sites, including all Yandex resources, social networks. The plug-in works in stealth mode, allowing you to check your mail, view video clips, send messages and perform a number of other actions on the Internet completely anonymously. The developers claim that when connected, the download speed of Internet resources will practically not change. But such a plugin does not allow you to change the location, which drastically limits the functionality when bypassing regional blocking. Also, it will not be possible to put it on the extension panel, that is, it will not be possible to turn it off for a while. You only have to delete if you need a direct connection.
  • Nord VPN. This is a paid extension that anyone can install on their device. Average cost of using — about $12 for one month. It promises unlimited bandwidth, traffic protection with 256-bit encryption, and a blocker for suspicious applications. You won't be able to test this Yandex VPN in the desktop version.
  • ZenMate VPN. Another paid plugin with a seven-day trial period. It has a fairly high throughput and stable operation in a loaded mode. The paid version allows you to set up a connection through a large number of countries. If you decide to use the free version of the plugin (test), then there will be restrictions on available regions (only 4 options are available), and the connection speed will be significantly lower, which will cause a number of inconveniences to work. In addition, you will not be able to use this extension without prior registration, and these are already additional risks.
  • Browsec VPN. Another Yandex VPN for entering certain network blocks. Allows you to redirect traffic through servers located geographically in Europe and the USA. It has a number of mechanisms for disabling the tracking functions of certain sites, which excludes obtaining information about the user. But, the load on this server is quite high, which leads to frequent problems in work: the speed sags, and quite significantly. Often there are breaks in connections. In addition, the free version has serious limitations in functionality. You also need to know that the Russian-language interface is not provided here, and the application's requests for RAM are quite high.
  • friGate. Quite easy to set up and use the plugin. Provides access to various blocked sites, although it has rather limited functionality. They use their own servers to redirect traffic. Can automatically detect blocked sites and redirect immediately. Among its advantages are fully automatic operation, the absence of complex settings, and minor requirements for RAM. But the functionality leaves much to be desired.

Despite the large abundance of free options for Yandex VPN, they still should not be used in your work. Here, the functionality will be limited, which will negatively affect work performance, and there are a lot of potential threats. You can read about all the risks of such a decision here. Now we just note that from the use of free services in practice you will get more problems than solving the problems that you faced. Is it worth the risk? Each of you must find the answer to this question yourself.

Summing up

We just want to warn you that the stability, functionality and convenience of working on the network through Yandex VPN directly depends on which server you are using. You need to choose an option that will cover all your traffic, literally "brew" his. Only in this way will it be possible to ensure maximum efficiency and stability of the network, circumvention of regional blocking and more. Conventional anomimizers are not endowed with such functionality. And this means that the convenience of working with them and, accordingly, the functionality will be insufficient. A more robust solution – using a private Yandex VPN server, which is easily connected through special applications (OpenVPN, StrongSwan, WireGuard).

And here we want to offer you one of the best solutions for today from the Private VPN servers. You get a reliable virtual private network that guarantees complete anonymity and security of working on the Internet, wide functionality. Get acquainted in more detail with what you get by buying Yandex VPN on our service. Wide functionality in combination with a more than reasonable and reasonable price will surely satisfy the needs of most users. Both those who are looking for a professional solution, and a tool for home use.

Pay attention to the "Promotions and discounts" section so as not to miss the opportunity to purchase a reliable Yandex VPN server at the maximum favorable conditions.

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