Built-in VPN: a must-have for the browser

Built-in VPN: a must-have for the browser

Many browser developers strive to build VPN functionality into their products, and this is due to several main reasons.

First – competitiveness. A built-in VPN can be a desirable feature for a browser to help attract and retain users. Browsers are competing for market share, and built-in VPN features can be one way to stand out from the competition.

The second is ease of use. Built-in VPN in the browser makes the use of VPN services more accessible and convenient for ordinary users, since they do not have to install additional software or configure complex settings.

Excellent browser with built-in VPN Opera GX – a favorite of gamers and visual aesthetes.

VPN via browser: pros and cons

When choosing a VPN service to solve your specific problems in the field of online activity, it is reasonable to ask the question: how good is the VPN built into the browser, and how does it differ from full-fledged VPN services? We'll figure it out below.

To summarize: download a browser from a VPN to a PC – a convenient and low-effort solution to increase the security and privacy of your online activities. The following characteristics are especially attractive to average users:

  • Easy to use. Built-in VPNs are usually easy to set up and activate, without requiring additional software or special knowledge. Just enable VPN in your browser settings.
  • Privacy protection. A VPN encrypts your Internet traffic, which helps hide your activity from strangers and even your Internet provider. This can be useful when using public Wi-Fi networks or to bypass geographic restrictions.
  • Free options. Many browsers offer free built-in VPNs. This may be useful for those who do not want to spend money on a paid VPN service unless absolutely necessary.

If you cannot download the built-in VPN into your favorite browser because the developer does not provide such functionality, do not worry. Most likely for such a web browser on a proven platform (application/extension store) you can download and install VPN extension.

How is a built-in VPN inferior to a full-fledged service

The VPN built into the browser is the younger brother of a full-fledged service, as it has more simplified functions and capabilities. The relative disadvantages of built-in VPNs include:

  • Reduced speed and throughput. Especially free built-in VPNs usually have speed and bandwidth limitations, which makes the Internet connection slower.
  • Reduced selection of servers. Built-in VPNs usually provide a limited number of servers and locations to choose from, compared to paid VPN services that offer a larger selection of server locations.
  • Sometimes questionable data confidentiality. Some built-in browser VPN can collect and analyze your activity on the Internet for advertising or other purposes. Therefore, it is important to carefully review the privacy policy before using such services.

If you need faster speeds, more server choice, and increased privacy, consider using a paid VPN service with its own non-built-in installation software.

Private VPN server and browser-based VPN: does it make sense to combine

If you already have or are just planning to buy a private VPN server on Private VPN server, and are also interested in the built-in VPN in browser, the question arises whether it is possible for these units to work together effectively.

And before you decide to combine the work of two VPN connections, it is important to understand for what purpose you are doing this. This can be useful in some scenarios, such as if you need to ensure the highest level of privacy and security. However, in most cases, one well-configured VPN connection should be enough to ensure your online protection.

To avoid possible conflicting settings and duplication of functionality that can eat up the speed and bandwidth of the connection, find out more information about these VPN services and the features of their work.

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