VPN does not work on Android: what is the reason and how to get it working again

VPN does not work on Android: what is the reason and how to get it working again

If VPN doesn't work on your Android phone, don't worry, you're not the only one facing a similar problem. In this article, we will look at several recommendations on how you can try to solve this problem and return functionality to your VPN connection.

What to do if VPN does not connect on Android

If does not connect VPN on an Android phone, you need to check several fundamental points, ranging from simple and not time-consuming. If they do not help, you should move on to more complex and time-consuming steps to restore the functionality of the VPN. The simplest diagnostic methods that absolutely any user can carry out are:

  • Diagnostics of Internet connection. Make sure your device is connected to the network via Wi-Fi or mobile data. A VPN always requires an active Internet connection.
  • Reboot the device. Sometimes rebooting the device can help solve VPN problems without understanding in detail the reasons for their occurrence.
  • Update of the VPN application. Make sure you are using the latest version of the VPN application as older versions may have bugs.

More complex steps to restore VPN functionality include:

  • Checking VPN settings. Make sure you have configured your VPN service correctly. Check your username, password, server and other settings.
  • Connecting another server. Sometimes the server that the user is trying to connect to manually or automatically may be temporarily unavailable. Try selecting another server from the list in the VPN application or in the VPN service browser.
  • Disable your firewall or antivirus. Some firewalls and antivirus programs may block a VPN connection, recognizing it as potentially dangerous. Try disabling them temporarily and check if the VPN works.

Why VPN doesn’t work on your phone: more complex reasons

If the above measures to restore the functionality of the VPN did not bring the desired result, perhaps the problem lies deeper. And to solve it effectively, you need to spend a little more time and effort:

  • Checking access rights. Make sure that the VPN application is allowed all necessary network access rights.
  • Check for network provider restrictions. Some, for example, corporate networks or public Wi-Fi, may have restrictions on the use of VPN. Contact your network administrator or ISP for more information.
  • The need to update the operating system. Sometimes problems with VPN can be associated with an outdated version of the Android operating system. Check if updates are available for your phone.
  • VPN technical support consultation. If after all these steps the problem is not resolved, contact the support service of your service, which is guaranteed to respond if you use the downloaded VPN from the official website. They can provide you with more specific help and advice.

VPN does not work with mobile: a private VPN server will help

The reasons why VPN does not work on Android can be different, and sometimes it takes some time and effort to find and fix the problem. By following these recommendations, you will increase the chances of successfully restoring the functionality of your VPN connection and protecting your online activity.

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With a private VPN server, you can experiment with different VPN settings and protocols to see which ones work best on your Android device. And for any questions – contact the support service, which is guaranteed to quickly and efficiently explain and help fix the problem.

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