What changes await users after the introduction of the VPN ban on March 1

What changes await users after the introduction of the VPN ban on March 1

Spoiler: none.

Active users of social networks and telegram channels are actively discussing the introduction of a ban on VPN services in the Russian Federation from 03/01/2024. However, the situation is a little different than how most people perceive it right off the bat, without explanation or attention to detail.

From March 1 of this year, a restriction on the popularization and advertising of all digital products, including VPN services designed to bypass censorship and geo-blocking, came into force. This decree from the Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Communications has nothing to do with the use of such services; it is aimed at stopping the popularization and advertising of VPNs.

What exactly is blocked in VPN: details and explanations

The law adopted on July 31, 2023 in the Russian Federation prohibits the dissemination of information about methods of circumventing censorship and access to unauthorized external Internet resources. It concerns any ways to popularize VPN services:

  • VPN advertising, which offers the purchase or download of VPN .
  • Sources that reveal details of various ways to bypass blocking.
  • Video, audio or text content that encourages the use of these methods, highlighting their advantages and benefits for the client.
  • Instructions that explain how to register, install or download VPN.

Only “information of a scientific and statistical nature” is not subject to the regulation. The Federal Surveillance Service emphasizes that any advertising or content promoting VPN that is published both before and after the decree comes into force is subject to blocking.

After the publication of the resolution, the authorities now have the right to restrict advertising of VPN services. State control bodies have established rules for assessing content that is subject to blocking on the territory of the Russian Federation. These rules came into force on March 1, 2024.

How will these innovations affect ordinary users? No way. You can use VPN services in the Russian Federation as before. The head of the department for digital development in Russia said that there are no plans to introduce fines and sanctions for the use of VPN services at the legislative level. Current restrictions only affect the promotion and popularization of VPN technologies, the purpose of which is to bypass censorship and geo-blocking.

New VPN ban: not the first call

VPN technologies have been out of favor with the Russian authorities for more than 5 years. Since 2017, legislation has required VPN services and anonymizers to limit the ability to visit websites from Russia that are not approved by the authorities and censorship. This applies to services notified by Roskomnadzor and connected to the Federal State Information System. Services not included in this list are subject to blocking.

The first requirement to connect VPN services to the registry was voiced 5 years ago. As a result of this event, some platforms began to introduce restrictions. According to the order of the Russian authorities, Roskomnadzor interprets VPN services as a potential violation of the stability, security and integrity of the network in Russia, which gives it the right to suspend their activities.

In a report presented by an organization controlled by Roskomnadzor, it was noted that over two years more than one and a half hundred VPN services and more than 8 dozen applications were blocked, and that was it VPN blocking does not end.

Private VPN server: reliable under any circumstances

Despite the above-mentioned restrictions and regulations, users can safely continue to use personal VPN servers in accordance with their needs.

For those who want to experience the old and new restrictions on VPN to a minimum or not encounter them at all, we recommend renting/buying a private VPN-server on Private VPN server. This solution will provide you with a high-quality, anonymous, secure and stable connection when connecting to any desired resource anywhere in the world. Details about the conditions for obtaining the service of a private VPN server – on the pages of the site, in more detail about the various implementations of digital technologies – in specialized articles about VPN.

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