Buy VPN: from cheap to premium

Buy VPN: from cheap to premium

Purchasing a VPN has become an integral part of digital security and anonymity in the modern world. From cheap to expensive options, there are many VPN services, each of which guarantees (to varying degrees) your online privacy. Let's look at how to choose a VPN for a year or another convenient period, from budget solutions to more expensive alternatives.

VPN subscription: indicative segmentation

Let's start by mentioning free VPN that change your IP-address to that of another country to keep you private online. And they are quite suitable for ordinary Internet surfing without special security requirements. Their work is accompanied by some restrictions, such as low connection speed, limited traffic quota and the inability to select the nearest server.

If these restrictions do not suit you, and you want to protect your data as much as possible from the risk of leaking to the network, you should consider switching to paid options. There are a number of commercial VPN services that provide a wide range of functions and comfortable conditions for using the Internet at affordable prices for completely different categories of users:

  • Cheap VPN. We will allocate for them a conditional budget of $ 5 or less. Cheap VPN services usually attract users with low prices, basic security and more extensive functionality (compared to free ones). They may have a limited number of servers and connection speeds, as well as geoblock offset restrictions. However, for simple tasks like circumventing censorship or browsing the Internet anonymously, they may be acceptable.
  • Inexpensive VPN. Conditionally 5-15 dollars a month. Mid-tier VPN services provide a more stable and faster connection, as well as advanced security features such as DNS leak protection. Most of them do not keep logs of your activity on the Internet. Great examples of this segment: PrivateVPN, ZenMate, ExpressVPN.
  • Premium segment. Prices for VPN services here are conditionally 15-30+ dollars. Premium VPN services offer a wide choice of servers in different countries, high speed, high level of data encryption and zero logging policy. They may also include additional features such as malware protection and ad blocking. These services are ideal for those who value maximum anonymity and security on the Internet. This segment includes: ProtonVPN, VyprVPN, and others.
  • Personal VPN servers. Monthly cost $20 or more. If you're looking for the ultimate level of control and security, you might want to consider your own VPN server. This is the most expensive option and requires technical skills (or the need for technical support) to set up and maintain. But it also means full control over your data and security.

What to consider when choosing a VPN

VPN payment – qualitative and quantitative reflection of the functions and capabilities of the service, which is directly proportional. That is, as a rule, the higher the cost of VPN services, the higher their quality and the greater the functionality of the service. Which characteristics of VPN services from the following to focus on when choosing depends on your needs:

  • Speed and performance. Make sure the VPN service offers a fast enough connection for your needs, especially if you need fast access to streaming services or online games.
  • Geographic location of servers. If you need to access content from specific countries, please make sure the VPN provides servers in those regions.
  • Encryption level. Support for strong encryption methods helps protect your data from unauthorized access.
  • The logging policy. Check if the VPN service keeps logs of your activity on the Internet to ensure maximum anonymity.

The best solution: buy a private VPN server

Whether you use an inexpensive VPN or a premium service, switching to a personal virtual server instead of a public one always increases the security of your connection and improves the user experience of the virtual network.

You can buy a private VPN server on Private VPN server. Here you will find up-to-date information about tariffs, server rental terms, offer conditions, payment methods for services, server geography, as well as answers to frequently asked questions and lots of other useful information about VPN.

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