Video without VPN: a reality accessible to everyone

Video without VPN: a reality accessible to everyone

In the field of social media, there is a constant emergence of new trends, and at the moment one of the most relevant and modern is the TikTok application. However, residents of the Russian Federation who are not provided with direct access to this resource have a question: what to do in this situation? The solution may be to use a modified working without VPN  ;TikTok version 27.9.4, which offers installation files for various types of devices, including both weak (32-bit suffix) and more powerful (64-bit suffix). Let's take a closer look at what features this modification provides and how to install it.

How to post a video on Tik Tok without VPN: instructions

To post a video on TikTok without a VPN, you need to download the TikTok 27.9.4 mod that is as close as possible in all respects to the original. To do this you need:

  • Download the installation file from a reliable source. TikTok mod 27.9.4 is designed keeping in mind the needs of users with less powerful devices running on 32-bit systems. For those who have more powerful devices, there is also a 64-bit version of the mod. It is important to note that before installing any version, you must allow installation of programs from unknown sources in the device settings.
  • Customize how the mod works for you. When installing the mod, the US settings are selected by default, but users can easily change them according to their preferences. It is possible to change the country to Belarus, and at the same time the functionality of the application remains stable in Russia.
  • Dig into the nuances. To further personalize the experience of using the TikTok mod, users can customize the settings for saving downloaded videos. It is important to note that logging into your account or creating a new one occurs in the same way as in the official version of the application. You can post videos in this mod as easily as in the official TikTok application.
  • Pay attention to interesting features. One of the interesting aspects of the functionality of the TikTok mod is its operation with geolocation enabled and VPN not working. At the same time, the geography of the video is determined correctly and is located on the territory of Russia. And this fact is not an obstacle to downloading and performing all the usual manipulations with the downloaded video file. This makes the mod ideal for those who value content localization.

This modified version of TikTok 27.9.4 is an excellent opportunity for those who are facing difficulties in accessing this social media resource due to geographical restrictions. An adapted version with installation files for different types of devices provides a more flexible and convenient user experience, allowing users to enjoy all the benefits of TikTok regardless of their location. And its free nature, lack of advertising and correct operation in Russia make this TikTok mod an attractive option for users who want to get the most out of the World Wide Web.

YouTube without VPN: mod version is back in business

We figured out how to download and upload videos without a VPN on TikTok. Now a few words about access to YouTube. The meaning is the same – find a working without VPN YouTube mod, download and install it, following the generally accepted logic for installing similar applications, as well as prompts from the installation wizard or accompanying instructions.

Among the most popular mods for YouTube are Vanced Manager, ReVanced Manager, YouTube ReVanced and others. Among their variety there are also versions for devices of different power and OS.

Private VPN server: always on guard for security

Sharing modified versions of applications such as TikTok or YouTube with a private VPN server can improve your connection security level, as well as expand the geography of viewing video content. At the same time, it is important to choose reliable VPN providers and download proven application modifications to minimize security risks.

Buying a private VPN server on favorable terms and studying various related issues about VPN technologies has become possible thanks to the Private VPN server. Here you will also receive information about the rules for renting servers, payment options, geo location of servers, answers to FAQ and other useful information — all the necessary information is collected in one convenient and informative source. Discover the digital world in its most interesting manifestations with VPN.

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